General terms of participation:

There are 2 categories of the competition: Case Study and Team Design - the team can only participate in one category only;

Team Design - a team solution for a specific technical task within a limited time frame. The result of the contest is the presence of a device that performs the necessary functions for solving the task.

Case Study - solving analytical tasks, detailed study of a particular object, problem, process. Usually addressed issues of management or technical field.

  • The team selects the category of the competition on its own;
  • Number of teams - 6 in each category;
  • Number of students in the team - 4;
  • Teams can be formed in advance. Individuals who have not found a team beforehand, organizers will help to form teams based on the wishes of the participants. Teams will be formed after the questionnaire by the organizers.
  • All the team members must be present at the questionnaire, thus taking part in the preselection stage;
  • Decisions of the jury are not a subject to appeal.

Requirements for participants:

  • All the participants must register and questionnaires per the established procedure;
  • All the participants must be present at all days of the competition, during the presentations, opening and closing sessions of the project;
  • Participants of the competition must be students of VNTU.

Do not delay and pick up a team of 4 people to prove yourself!

Could complete the registration form by November 23rd and challenge others!